Hello Beachcombers,

It has been a while, but please don’t think we are doing nothing. We are extremely busy as per normal.

Our first batch of Sloe Rum!!

Things that have been happening since the last time. We have finally been granted our full distillers licence, which means that we can produce spirit from scratch! None of this making “premium drinks” using 96% ethanol bought in and flavoured. We will know the complete process from start to finish! We have started on the fine tuning stages of our three launch Rums. We are working in conjunction with Lucy Douglas’ Rum Festival, and we took some pre-production samples to The Sheffield rum festival where it was greatly received. A further tweek was engineered for the Newcastle Rum festival added a new dimension to the Sloe Rum and we were pleased to be a complete sell out for the event! Outstanding reviews by the public and even two influential bloggers/Rum experts.

Our display stand for the Newcastle Rum Festival

This has left beach craft spirits riding a high of confidence and know the next step is finalising the spiced for the general public. We are running trials at the distillery and hoping to get initial trials available for the Norwich Rum Festival.


Beach Craft Spirits Sloe Rum sitting proudly on the Bar

You might ask “why are we launching products at these festivals rather than the local area?” This is a simple answer, personal licences. We are able to sell to the public via the rum festivals personal licence but that does not cover us from the distillery. David is in the process of obtaining this so we will be able to do this, but not just yet.

As for the lovely people that crowdfunded us. We have not forgotten you. We are still in that stage where we are finalising the recipes for Spiced Rum on the kit we have so it’s is not too far away now.

If you have any questions, please feel free to check out the website and contact us there.

In other news, our beloved van “Pedro” is currently off the road due to needing a bit of welding. Please don’t worry though because he is at the distillery and will have purpose there until he gets better and is back on the road.


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