Hello Beachcombers

15356545_10211562084791163_3895887742569555114_nUp in the North of Scotland we are having an unusual winter. One day it was minus 7 degrees and the next day, it jumped to a very unseasonable 17 degrees. Completely unpredictable. Anyway, this called for a nice walk down to the beach!

Many happy returns

It has been birthday season for us in our family too. First David, then our youngest and finally Lara today. It is amazing how your priorities change as you get older. We pushed the boat out for David and had a nice steak dinner washed down with a bottle of black spiced rum (the work never stops… analysing the competition) and for Lara was an evening spent with friends and lots of giggles. It is more about an experience for us nowadays rather than material possessions.

Events for 2017

Using true beach analogies, we are sat on our surfboard, and the waves have just quietened down for a few sets whilst awaiting our numerous distillers and warehousing licences.

However, that does not mean we are not working away. We are currently looking at the calendar to book events to attend once our distiller’s licences allow us to start producing. We have a potential of 17 events we can go to and they are all over the country. We will be sure to keep you informed in the run up to them and we hope to see you at some of them.

A wee review…. Of the year… and what’s to come

So 2016 has been absolutely amazing for us. Firstly getting married which was spectacular, but the birth of Beach Craft Spirits from an idea into reality is a pretty damn good too. Registering ourselves as a limited company was one of those scary moments, but not half as scary as signing the lease on the premises. Seeing our website develop from a crowdfunding portal into a business website with the future expansion of the “beach hut” merchandising. We have loved building our connections with our local suppliers who have all produced quality items for us.

We have come so far in 2016 and 2017 is going to be huge for us.

Beach Craft Spirits 2017 – It’s #aShoreThing


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