Hello Beachcombers, sorry we have been quiet for long, life of running the business has kept us very busy and away from the task at hand of writing blogs.

2018 was a monumental year for ourselves. We had to make the hard decision to leave the premises at Covesea. All that time, money and effort to find out that it wasn’t suitable for our future requirements. Queue the good bit of news…

We also found a new home over on the Balmakeith Industrial Estate in Nairn. As many of you know, Nairn holds a very special place in our hearts as it was where we got married back in 2016 and our distillery is less than ½ mile away from that spot on the beach. The Unit is not as large as the Covesea Unit but is so much more useable. With production area, Kitchen, toilet facilities, a store area and an Office. To us it is 10 out of 10 and great for the future of Beach Craft Spirits.

2018 also led to us attending one or two of the Rum Festivals, and we managed to take product to them. Fantastic feedback from them, and just proves that Rum is gaining momentum as what happened to Gin a few years back (but we all knew that anyway)

Then August 2018 happened, a pivotal live changing meeting happened, and the long process of contract negotiations started. The Distillery had to cease production for a temporary length of time whilst a refit of distillery equipment to happen. We will be producing products for a customer which will secure the future for Beach Craft Spirits and allows us to raise our game further, for more unique quality products at a reasonable price.

As you can see from the branding change to the website and on social medias, we have used Kerry from Rock Chic Design Studio to create an outstanding rework of the Beach Craft Logo but still keeping the iconic wave which is so close to our heart. It has such a strong presence, and it is our desire to taken serious into 2019 and beyond.

It’s a Beach Life…


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