Quick, quick, sloe!

Hello Beachcombers!

Another week is almost through – how time flies when you’re having fun and working hard!

I (Lara) received an exciting email yesterday to say I had been shortlisted for Moray Business Woman of the Year 2016 with the Moray Business Women’s Club! I never thought I would be saying that this year if any year!

I’m very excited and pleased. So on the 12th November, David and I will be going along to the awards ceremony to join in the atmosphere. Just have to go find us both some posh clothes now. I’m thinking this could be interesting considering David didn’t even dress up for our wedding day!

Back to nature

We went foraging this week and have managed to find ourselves some rather nice wild Scottish sloe berries. It was very peaceful being with Mother Nature, although we do have some nice scratches to show off! We would like to do more foraging so we will be looking into this more. We did notice some lovely looking brambles and elderflower berries! Who knows where that could lead?

And back to technology…

Facebook Live happened last week. That was a great experience and was good to see the questions that people wanted answers to. It was a whole level up from blogs and vlogs! We were a bit nervous but really enjoyed the experience and we will have to do another one soon. So stay tuned.

We are still busy networking and speaking to lots of different people from many sectors of the business world. We thank these people for their support and wise words of wisdom. Always a breath of fresh air to see other people’s points of view on a subject. Sometimes it’s about stepping back and looking at the situation from a different angle.

Distiller’s licence

The distiller’s license application is in and we have been in talks with HMRC and are awaiting the next step on this journey. We are all over this and making sure we can get this as soon as possible so we can get our delicious and unique rums out to you all.

Pledge now

The crowdfunding is continuing and is now nearing the end of its time. It finishes on the 9th November 2016 at 11:31am. Please help us to get to our target! Get your pledges in fast.


Remember… its #aShoreThing

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