Moray’s first craft rum distillery in the North of Scotland

We are Beach Craft Spirits – A husband and wife team dedicated to creating exciting Rums from scratch in the North of Scotland. Doing everything from Molasses to Glasses. We ferment, distill and infuse our very own spirits including hand bottling and labelling in our distillery in Moray. Our flavours are born from the relaxed beach lifestyle we all crave. A warming feeling from the alcohol is like the Sun warming you on a summers day. Fun and exciting spices which tantalise your taste buds and refreshing citrus and berry flavours cooling you like a sea breeze.

Beach Craft Spirits – “It’s a shore thing”

Beach Craft Spirits Rums

Spiced Rum

Beach craft spirits spciedrum

A Spiced Rum which is a distinct “Citrus and Spice and all things nice” flavour. This could be enjoyed Straight, On Ice, along with your favourite mixer. Also in Coffee for an interesting twist and makes hot chocolate into a different animal!
“The Spiced Rum is like a Beach Party in the Sighs of an evening with the log fire and sea spray in the air”

Sloe Rum

slo rum by beach craft spirits

A Sloe Rum which will be an interesting twist on a Gin classic. Refreshingly balanced between sweet and fruity with can be enjoyed Straight, or with crushed ice in a cocktail or with Lemonade or Tonic.

Intense Rum

Craft aged intense rum brewed in Hopeman Scotland

An Intense Rum with a unique blend of Fruit, Coffee and Liquorice to savour, complexities within. This is your after dinner treat to yourself, to be appreciated straight or with ice.
“It’s a bold and sophisticated drink with a rich and interesting character”

Beach Craft Spirits

It's a Shore Thing ...