MH_CC_BCS_coupleatbeach_0225So here we are in the first week of the crowdfunding launch. It’s got off to a flying start and the video we made has reached thousands of people.

Looking back at the last few months it has been a whirlwind of activity and deadlines. Not just for the business but for our life in general.

Who would have thought that when we first discussed this idea of launching our own business it would actually become a reality?

To beer or not to beer, that was the question

It started off as an idea thrown into a conversation two years ago, that why couldn’t we our own our own brewery?

The idea quickly got thrown out again with how hard it would be – all the background work, the amount we would have to research and learn, the finances. This happened a few times until it was decided a brewery was not an option as there was already some fantastic breweries in the local area. However, what about spirits?

It was pretty much untouched and was an area David was also very talented in. David has a degree in brewing and distilling with 16 years’ experience in the drinks industry. The next hurdle was deciding which spirit.

Gin would have been an obvious choice with an upturn in the craft gin market over the last few years.

However, we wanted something a little different, so back to the drawing board we went.

From here, although we yet didn’t know which spirit we were going to make, we knew we were going to be distilling something. It became a part of life. It was no longer an idea, it was always the topic of conversation and eventually we knew that it was meant to be.

That’s the spirit

Eventually we settled on the idea of making a craft rum. It’s a spirit within the UK particularly in Scotland which has remained relatively untouched. It’s also a fabulous spirits for experimenting with – just like the craft beer brigade have done.

Choosing rum has allowed David to experiment and show his true artistic talent in the spirits sector.

So our idea was now an actual plan. A plan that then needed to be executed with finesse and proper research and understanding. The age old question what comes first the chicken or the egg reared its head.

Whilst all this is going I (should that be us?) decided that being engaged for eight years was not enough. I wanted to marry the man of my life. So after much persuasion a date was set for 30th July 2016. I am writing this now as the new Mrs Beach! So now we had three deadlines: the business, the wedding, and oh, I forgot to mention the Hopeman pantomime I had somehow got us both involved with.

We don’t do the quiet lifestyle, we work hard and play hard too.

And that’s the way we like it. Anyone who has set up a business knows the work that goes in to it, but we would not change this one bit. It has not been all sunshine and laughs, there have been times when we have had to step back and really think hard about the next move regarding the business. I am sure we will be in that position again.

We have described it at times as being like standing on the edge of a cliff and taking a step off into the unknown, you suddenly plummet and then you find your feet again.

However, no matter how much you think it is scary there becomes a part of you that ‘enjoys’ the experience and wonders what the next cliff will unveil to you…

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