Distillery premises already #aShoreThing

Hello Beachcombers, we thought we would give you all a quick round up of what has been happening in the last few weeks.

As you might have seen (if not, go and have a look) we have been learning to vlog. A totally new experience for us. It was at first very intimidating but actually it is fun and really lets us show you all what we are up too. Although it still takes us a few takes to get it right!

What’s for you, won’t go by you


The new Beach Craft Spirits HQ

We had some disappointing news at the start of last week that the premises we had set our hearts on due to its location wouldn’t be the home of Beach Craft Spirits. It was a real blow. However, we are not to be beaten, we picked ourselves up, brushed ourselves down and later that week after some crazy searching, we secured other premises which have turned out to a lot better for us, with potential for expansion in the future. So it’s smiles all round again at Beach Craft HQ.


We are now confirmed to be attending Distilled 2016 in Elgin Town Hall. This is a three-day event that is run by Spirit of Speyside. There will be distillers, brewers and food companies all in the same place, hosting masterclasses and that type of thing. We are sooooo excited to be going and to push the Beach Craft Spirit story even more. So make sure to head along and find us.

Shop local

Merchandise for the crowdfunding is going well. We have been along to see our t-shirts and hoodies at In Stitches and our glasses at Trident Engraving – both Elgin-based companies this week. Shopping local where we can is really important to us. Yes, we could probably get much of our merchandise online and for less, but that’s not what Beach Craft is about. We believe is collaboration and all the way through this process, we will always try and support other local businesses.

We are also in the final stages of creating the limited edition beanie hats from 36Knots and our rum stones are well on their way to being finished by MGK Designs also a Moray-based firm. So it is all coming along nicely.


The crowdfunding is going well, and we wish to thank you all that have invested in us to become part of the Beach Craft story. We can’t wait to be delivering your crowdfunding tiers to your doorsteps! We do understand that for some it is maybe hard to invest due to the fact that we can’t provide samples yet and we are a bit of an unknown entity. However, we can assure you that the final products are going to be amazing. As soon as we have the distiller’s licence and the equipment there will be no stopping us and the rum will be on its way.

If you do have any questions regarding our products and range then don’t hesitate to ask us. Remember “It’s a shore thing…”

Speak soon L & D

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