MH_CC_BCS_coupleatbeach_0201Hello Beachcombers…

I write this with heavy hands on the keyboard as we were unsuccessful in our crowdfunding campaign to gain the funds for equipment.

Maybe the world was too consumed with the US presidential elections or just gone mad judging by the result, but either way, it did not go our way.

We are much humbled by the support that you beachcombers have given us over the months Beach Craft Spirits has been running.

Which is one reason why we cannot give up. We have re-grouped, had a cup of tea (rum was sadly not available at the time) and devised a Plan B!

We were lucky enough to receive a tax rebate, and we have spent that wisely to get smaller kit.

We purchased an 80L Fermenter, a 50L Still, 3x 60L spirit fusion vessels for each infusion and a 35L Hot Water Tank. Yes, it isn’t going to scare off the big boys in terms of volume but it will give you an opportunity to try our fantastic products. Even though the start will not be as big as we wanted it to be, we feel that the depth in the flavours when we start producing will excite everyone and want them craving more.

In other news, we are steadily progressing with HMRC regarding the licences required, and the concepts for the design labels are really moving along. As the time goes on, we can see the pieces of the jigsaw slowly clicking together and it is very exciting.

Please keep an eye on our website as we will be launching “The Beach Hut” (name is a work in progress) which will be our online merchandising page for you to support Beach Craft Spirits. We will be selling a range of products, such a distillery plaque with your name on it, t-shirts, hoodies, rum stones and vouchers for tours and tastings. More products will be available and when we are producing, you can order your rum to be delivered to your house, direct from the distillery.

All in all, it’s not an end to Beach Craft Spirits, this is still only the beginning. We will still be posting regular vlogs and blogs and we will be attending as many events as we can.

Remember its #aShoreThing

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