iM screenInvestment in our crowdfunding packages is starting to take off and this week we received an endorsement from Moray stalwart Stuart Crowther.

For those of you who don’t know, Stuart is the editor of online news site insideMoray. Not only has he been kind enough to promote our launch story, and then write about us again in his editorial, but he has also invested in the Beach Craft Spirits journey by buying one of our £50 packages – securing himself a VIP ticket to our launch party and 500ml bottle of our spiced rum.

Stuart explained why he wanted to become one of our ‘Beachcombers’: “insideMoray is and always has been about supporting local business – in particular new starts – in getting their message out there, I’ve supported several similar crowdfunding or charity appeals and will continue to do that.

Right here in Moray

“This one though particularly pleases me. While I’ve always been a massive malt whisky fan, having visited and tasted the produce of most of our distilleries from the Lowlands to Shetland, I just love what is happening right here in Moray not only with whisky but craft beer, gin and now rum.  It takes an incredible amount of dedication and hard work to set up any business, but particularly so in the brewing and distilling arenas – so support for those brave enough to take this on is essential from local communities.”

We are over the moon with Stuart’s investment but more so his recognition of what is happening here in Moray and how hard we and the other local distillers are working to make Moray the go-to place for all things ‘craft.’

Thank you Stuart.

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